Mary needed no man, God did the trick.

How about Joseph? Well, keeping in mind the social context of the time, Jesus needed to be born within wedlock.

But Joseph wasn’t around forever.  For a long part of her life Mary must have been a single mom.

And in any case, as awesome as men can be (just like women), “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”.


Let me introduce you to Our Lady of Patriarchal Sorrows.

Like her we carry the weight of social constructs, oppression and discrimination, which like the mantle are built thread by thread and layer by layer. Like Mary, we also have a crown, a consolation prize. She is made Queen of Heaven for being quiet and submissive; women are beautiful creatures worthy of praise and protection as long as we conform. Our dagger is the gender binary, with its roles and expectations that limit all of us. Feminists, and those fighting against oppression, have to juggle with the handkerchief and the rosary: they are part of the system and affected by it; but they are also part of the solution.


The Immaculate Conception of Mary (she was conceived without the original sin) implies that she’s free from the punishment that came from the fall of Adam and Eve.

  • Option a) if you consider everything related to childbearing (menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation) to be part of the punishment, then Mary couldn’t have breastfed. She would’ve been free from that punishment.
  • Option b) if you don’t consider menstruation etc as punishment, Mary probably nursed Jesus.


What if God had actually planed it all along? Maybe, at the beginning of time, foreseeing that she/he  would have to come down and put some order, thought: “Well, it’ll have to be a man, because people won’t listen to a woman in 1st century Palestine. Hmm… But then I won’t be female, I’ll be leaving out half of the human population. I know! I’ll make all human fetuses start as female. That’s better than nothing.”